Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thoughts after the Election of Donald Trump

As indicated below. . . I try not to get into shouting matches about political stuff on Facebook.  What appears below is what I wrote on Facebook on the day after the election.  It elicited a significant number of civil, and just a few uncivil comments.  I'm guessing that coming events will drive me to my blog repeatedly.  As always, I will hope and pray and work for the best.
Well, America hates. And hate has become the #1 political commodity. It's early morning in Columbus. but it may just be midnight in what was America. I could no longer watch last night. I awoke and read Donald Trump's speech. Terrifying. Would be funny if not true. Sentences? Not necessary. Talk chopped phrases. Make sense? Don't need to. The congratulations and thanks? Dear God, the people surrounding him are such a cast. I have had a dread in the corner of my eye for a generation: how empires crumble. It is hard not to think that what was in the corner of my eye now stands before me. God help us. God help those who depend on a reliable USA for hope and balance in a world economy. People, you just gave your election into the hands of Vladimir Putin. He is laughing at you. The world was smirking at us but now doesn't know what's next. Nor do I. After all the sound and fury, I think it's China Time in the 21st century.
And a few words of praise for Hillary Clinton. She is a dedicated public servant. From the moment she appeared on the scene in the 1990s, she inspired fear and loathing in a misogynistic corner of right-wing society. Having been maligned for 25+ years for small and non-existent stuff, even people who would have naturally and easily supported her thought that there's just something about her they couldn't trust.
Kind of like you can never trust a Jew -- after 2000 years of untrue things said about my people.
She apparently COULD have run a more effective campaign -- and I wish that she had concentrated on the inspiring messages from the Democratic Convention and left the "Donald Trump is a very bad man" -- and he is -- to others.
But remember Michelle Obama's words -- "When they go low, we go high." Our country has gone low. Those of us who are dumbfounded this morning will continue to try to go high. We will see what lies ahead.
I believe that many of the people who were attracted to Trump because they have felt left out for a long time have had a lot to be frustrated about -- but they have made the wrong choice. When he fails to deliver, it will be our opportunity to deliver. Let's hope -- for their sake and ours -- that we succeed.
Beyond that, I try not to get into political fights on Facebook. I speak more freely in my blog.
It's quite possible that I'll move these musings to my blog in the next day or two.
In the meantime -- like Aaron, after the inexplicable death of his two sons who brought "strange fire" before the Lord -- I will mostly keep my silence for a while -- reflect on what has just happened -- listen to others -- maintain some dignity -- hope and pray and work for the better and the best.

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