Monday, July 11, 2016

Spain 9B -- Granada Alhambra

Our guides, Rosa and Juando

Thanks to new roads, it's half hour to beach from Granada and 45 minutes to the mountains.

Cypress street to the site.
We can still see  the ancient canal...6km long when built. 17th century

After Romans, Visigoths, then Moslems

Guaranat. Jewish neighborhood here.

11th century, 1st pogrom here.
1212 started beating back fundamentalism. Granada became the capital of what remained in Muslim Spain castle
Buildings destroyed in 19th century by Napoleon. Only here for 2 years. On to Barcelona, they destroyed the walls on their way our.

After church took power again, monks lived here until 1834. Nationalized. Became hotel in 1914.

Toward city center and main mosque.

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