Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spain 6

Our hearts are with Americans after two days of violence which seems to be on the cusp of mushrooming...shootings by police in St. Paul and Baton Rouge and now shootings OF police unfolding in Dallas.
This morning in Madrid...the Royal Palace of Madrid.
711:  Muslims.invaded Spain
The fortress at this site was regained in the 11th century. In 1734,
King  Philip V ordered a palace built in thr image of Versailles, where he grew up.
Carlos III was the first to live in the Palace.  After King Juan Carlos abdicated a few years ago, Spain has a young king--his son Philip VI.
Italian architects (3) and painters (many)
Highlights: Guards' Room,
Reception Room---Hall of Columns, where the 1982 Middle East Peace Conference, the abdication of Juan Carlos, and ceremony for Spain joining the European Union all took place.
Carlos III's antechamber included portraits of Carlos I and Queen Luisa. The poor, grim-looking woman had 24 teeth after all that.
Gala Dining Room....capacity 145
(Obama coming to town tomorrow.
Another special room....Royal Chapel
5 Stradivarius instruments in Music Room. They use these decorated instruments in concerts.
Crown Room
They don't sit in the thrones or wear the crowns. Real power is vested in the President. The king is a symbol.
Throne Room!
Reina Sofia
Open in 1986
National Museum in 1988
Modern Art Museum
1st gallery in which we spent time....
The cusp of modernism
Picasso and others.
Woman in Blue, other early ((1901) Picasso
Spanish impressionism
Contemporary art is difficult to explain. Very subjective.
Concept: Perfection already exists. The artist is aiming at something else. Analyze the elements.
Cubism includes simultaneous points of view.
Magic realism: Traditional rules plus mystery
Angeles Santo THE WORLD age 17
Miro: I wanted to kill painting. Painted feelings. Colors. Automatism
Beginning of 20th Century, Spain is a hot mess.
1936: Outbreak of Spanish Civil War
1937: International Exhibition in France. Became in Spanish Exhibition Propaganda . Picasso is asked to decorate the main wall.
Guernica was bombed by its own government. In 24 days he painted Gueenica. Artist, but not specific. 17 shades of b/w. No color. 4 women, 3 men and animals. Pain, years, but also a hand holding a flower. Lamp illuminating room? Spain? God?
Guernica is a premonition of the disaster that lay ahead. Returned to Spain in 1981. From MOMA in NY
Salvador Dali. The great provoker.

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