Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spain 11A Tour of Seville

Vision Seville Tour
Guide:  Carmen

Seville is 750,000
Spain's 4th largest city

Golden Tower built beginning of 13th century by Muslims.

St. Elmo School once training for navigators, later a palace, Maria Teresa

1929 International Exhibition. Some of the grand buildings remain.

Annual Flamenco Festival
Visited (see photos)...

Maurilio Gardens
Roman aqueducts were restored by Muslims and Christians.
Jewish Quarter Santa Cruz
1248 Ferdinand conquered city and gave mosques to the Jews for synagogues
Synagogue became church and was destroyed by the French in 18th century.
Convent: St.Teresa de Avila
"Kissing Street"... balconies so close across from each other
Cathedral of Santa Maria ...3rd largest in Europe.... foundation dates from Roman times
Cathedral de Sevilla
Though most cathedrals are built in shape of a cross, they retained the shape of the mosque.
Vision of St. Anthony of Padua (famous painting in  Cathedral)
Remnants of Ferdinand flag 13th century.
15th century singing book.
Burial place of Christopher Columbus Died in Spain in 1508. Got moved around a lot. When French invaded, they moved him to Cuba. Moved back here in 1898.
On the way out, some more remnants of the mosque.

Palace....Real Alcazar
Arab word means palace. 3 palaces here. 14th century by Peter I.
Christian king but built in Moorish Muslim style
Alfonso 10 Gothic palace partially destroyed by earthquake

(We visited Peter's area)
A few faces included in show that it's Christian not Muslim?
Diverse pillars
Has never been abandoned
Ambassador's Room

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