Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running Into Friends--What We Do In Israel

I SHOULD have really taken the train from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa for my visit with my daughter and her fiance.  Since I've always been headed for Jerusalem, I never really knew about the apparently very convenient rail link right at the airport, which would have been WAY easier than the arduous rent-a-car drive  along with late afternoon traffic in and out of Tel Aviv.

But to the list of b'sheret (fated) moments, you can add my encounter with my dear friend Avi Kagan, pictured above, which wouldn't have happened if I did the smarter, easier thing.

After a really long departure from the airport because of confusion at the rent-a-car company (don't ask), I was feeling kind of sleepy/hungry so I stopped at a cafe just off the road in Netanya.  Imagine my surprise--and Avi's--when he saw me coming in the door.  In fact, I tripped on my way in the door and fell into his outstretched arms.

Avi was Columbus' community sheliach a few years ago -- and one of a number of our sh'lichim with whom I keep in touch.  I had sent him an e-mail just before I left the US -- saying maybe we can see each other when I'm Israel.  (Did I say "bump into each other?")

He had actually just sent me an e-mail reply. . . when I appeared right in front of him.

Eventually I arrived in Haifa (last night) -- and Addie and I spent today enjoying some special time and Haifa sites -- the world-famous Baha'i Gardens, a very unusual display of "outsider art" at the Haifa Museum of Art, and some strolling and dining.

To Jerusalem tomorrow for Shabbat -- and looking forward to the amazing Peres Presidential Conference next week.

But that's just a little vignette for today.  (Of course, one COULD wonder. . . who might I have met on the train?!)

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