Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now that we are on the cusp of 2013, I am going to initiate a blog (my 4th blog) to receive my occasionally expressed personal, political, spiritual and other "-al" thoughts.  Hmm. . . . Delusional?  Hypocritical?  You can call me -al?

Seriously, though, having gotten into rather strenuous arguments in the run-up to the recent Presidential election, and having been rebuked by my daughter for "getting into it way too much" (my words based on her  description) on Facebook, I will use THIS space to share some thoughts, reactions, etc., to things going on in the world, things that I hear people say, see people say, etc.

What I HAVEN'T yet figured out is how to get this out into the world so that people can see it -- and, if they  choose, read it.  And, if they choose, respond to me -- whether directly and privately or in some more public forum.

Perhaps she and others can guide me in that way as well.

I titled the blog "The Cantor Speaks" because I am a Cantor.  Not because I am THE Cantor.  Still, most of us cantors are known primarily for singing, but anyone who knows me and my work knows that I cherish speaking and writing at least as much as singing.

As President of the Cantors Assembly (until mid-May), I DO have the opportunity to speak more than the "average" cantor.  But my speaking out on (in?) this blog reflects my personal views, not the official views of the Cantors Assembly (which is the largest organization of cantors, being the organization of the Conservative movement, but also including quite a few Reform and other colleagues).

Well, that's a start. . . Now I'll see about sharing it and maybe getting people to agree to receive it until I have blogged too much, too often, or offended them . . .


  1. Oh, you will always be THE cantor to me!

    1. Very sweet, my friend. And I'm thrilled to see that you were able to comment. . . without being granted permission from behind the curtain, etc.

      Trying to figure out how this thing works. . . and how to get it to a reasonably big audience.

      Happy new year.

  2. Glad to see this. you might consider using tumblr and Twitter in addition to facebook and blogspot. Ari Kohen does this successfully. Do you know him? one space is your main platform and you post there and tease and point to it from the others. That way you reach multiple audiences with the same messages...